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The relative decline of US imperialism

Originally posted on Michael Roberts Blog:
The swift collapse of Afghanistan puppet government when US troops withdrew from the war with the Taliban and left the country after 20 years has been likened to the fall of Saigon at the…

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Do democracy and dictatorship exclude or supplement each other?

A critique of Davis, ‘The Road to Anti-State, Anti-market Socialism ‘ On the 10th of June, in “Defund the police” or what? we looked back on the turn the movement of protest and riots against police repression in the USA…

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What support for striking workers?

STS and the Bath Iron Works’ strike At this site, I have commented on several initiatives at Facebook that call themselves council communist. 1 Looking back at the experiences of these efforts to publish, to discuss, or to be active…

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“Defund the police” or what?

Defund the police has been the most important slogan in the last week. The mayors of Los Angeles and San Francisco have announced to cut the Police Department’s budget. In Minneapolis, a majority of the City Council pledged to dismantle its Police…

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VS: intensivering van de klassestrijd in de Covid-19 crisis

To English original Terwijl verpleegkundigen en hulpverleners blijven sterven door een gebrek aan persoonlijke beschermingsmiddelen, en [lijden onder] chronisch personeelstekort, stuurt de heersende klasse arbeiders weer aan het werk, ook al betekent dit hun dood. Dit is een ongekende aanval…

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