Iran more than ever in the crosshairs of US imperialism

Iranian drone launched during exercise (photo credit: Iranian Army/WANA (West Asia News Agency)/Handout via REUTERS)

On the sidelines, but not too much, of the barbarity of the Ukraine war, a war between Russia and NATO-US fought on the skin of Ukrainians, the US “attentions” have been repurposed toward the Ayatollahs’ battered imperialism. The official cause, at least the one cited by the Pentagon to punish Iran, would relate to the Raisi government’s repeated willingness to pursue nuclear research aimed at equipping Tehran with the atomic bomb.

Certainly, such a prospect troubles the nights of the U.S. government, but it is not the only thought; there is more. There are multiple objectives to be pursued: First, there is the need to strike, to weaken Iran as an ancient enemy of the U.S. since the Ayatollahs’ “revolution” that, ousting the monarchy of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, gave the U.S. a resounding and humiliating defeat and, more importantly, has erased until today the leading supplier of oil, crucial to its energy needs, which, at a crucial stage of the Cold War, did no small amount of image and economic damage to the West’s first imperialism, as well as the loss of its main ally in the East. A wound that still stings even now.

Let us come now to very recent times, where the scenarios of the “cold” war have been replaced by those of a “hot” war, no longer and not only fought by proxy but also in person; see the Russia-Ukraine clash. So it was from the Pentagon that directives went out for the usual ally Israel, in exchange for political cover for its West Bank settlements, bartering the occupation of East Jerusalem and erasing the prospect of two “peoples and two states” to move against the common enemy Iran. With that said, a small flock of drones struck military facilities on Iranian soil. This is not the first time, but in this case, it is much more serious, as threatening the ayatollahs’ regime was also intended to warn Russian imperialism and, secondly, their ally China. In doing so, the ever-prime minister Netanyahu confirmed himself as a faithful interpreter of the “Abrahamic covenant,” a useful ally of the U.S. and the holder of international immunity for his raids in Palestinian territories, not least the one on Tuesday night, Feb. 2. All this within a backdrop of war in Europe and an economic and financial crisis that, beyond the temporarily “positive or less severe than expected” statistics, continues to produce poverty, wars, and death, with the risk of dramatically exacerbating all its effects.

The Israeli drone attack, according to the Wsj newspaper, is representative of how much Israel, under the new far-right coalition government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is part of this imperialistic scheme alongside the US. A coalition that immediately initiated a series of military operations on Iranian soil, continuing a recent “tradition” of interventions already carried out between 2009 to 202,1 again under Netanyahu’s government.

This attack by Israel comes after Israeli and American intelligence agents discussed measures to neutralize Iran’s nuclear proclivities and, not least, how to interfere in its military and strategic collaboration with Russia.

Not surprisingly, current CIA Director William Burns arranged a timely trip to Israel the week before the attack to discuss with Netanyahu how to strike Iran, how to deal with all the regional issues, and how to prepare the timing and manner of the blitz. Shortly thereafter, Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Israel (Jan. 31) to congratulate the drone operation and to continue U.S.-Israel relations in an anti-Iran function, to talk about Russian imperialism’s invasion of Ukraine, and prospectively how to deal with their formidable adversary, China.

Before Antony Blinken’s visit and after William Burns’ visit, the United States and Israel staged a major military exercise, fielding more than 7,500 of their respective armies and military logistics personnel. An operation that could be a prelude to a more incisive military strike against Iran. The Israeli Army General Staff officially stated in a briefing to the Wall Street Journal (according to an Ansa note) that Israel and the United States anticipate an escalation of the situation, not excluding military options “if necessary.”

Terrifying news. The risk is that the war fronts will expand, and that the imperialist central ranks, the U.S., China, and Russia, with their respective allies, may give rise to a more generalized conflict. In this case, we would be in the presence of yet another barbarism of imperialism, of unstoppable devastation, accompanied by the deepening economic crises of global capitalism that, to survive, is forced to stage the apocalypse.

It is up to revolutionaries to transform the barbarity of war into social revolution for a world without classes, without exploitation, and without war.

No to war! Yes to the resumption of class struggle!


F.D., L’Iran più che mai nel mirino dell’imperialismo USA. 2-2-2023. Complete article. Translated with (free version)

A critical note

We have translated and posted this article by the ICT because it reflects a recent development of what we broadly indicated under the heading Foreign interference in an earlier article on Iran. That is not to say, however, that we share the party view of the ICT that emerges in its pompous posturing about the role revolutionary minorities can play now or in the future: “It is up to the revolutionaries to transform the barbarity of war into a social revolution for a world without classes, without exploitation and without war.” Turning the war into a social revolution can only be the work of the struggle of the broadest working masses. The revolutionary minorities promote this mass struggle with their propaganda, their agitation based on their analyses of past and present struggles, and their insights into the historical goals of the working class. Nothing less, but also nothing more.

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