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Iran: Oil and gas workers on the move. Regime strikes a conciliatory tone as repression continues

Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch Aníbal and Fredo Corvo In the current situation, opportunities and threats arise for workers in Iran and in the energy-producing region from Saudi Arabia to Algeria and from Kazakhstan to Turkmenistan. With the movement of workers in…

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Irã, um artigo interessante sem perspectivas proletárias

English, Spanish, Dutch. Chamamos a atenção de nossos leitores para um artigo que discute alguns antecedentes pouco expostos da actual crise do regime no Irã: Amigos do comunismo de conselhos, Revolta no Irã (em português e em inglês). Curiosamente para…

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Iran, an interesting article without proletarian perspectives

Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch. We draw our readers’ attention to an article that discusses some little-exposed backgrounds of the current regime crisis in Iran: Friends of council communism, Revolt in Iran (in Portuguese and English). Curiously for a text by “friends…

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IRAN. Warning of oil contract workers: If the killing of people does not end, we will strike

The contract workers in Iran’s oil industry “warned” the government that if “the arrests, the killing of people, the oppression and harassment of women because of the hijab, and the oppression of the people do not end” they will not…

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Iran. From bread demonstrations to harsh protests after the death of a 22-year-old girl who was arrested, clubbed and killed by religious police because she did not wear her headscarf “according to the rules”

Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish youth, on Sept. 13, vacationing in Tehran with her family, is arrested in front of a subway stop by the religious police (Gasht-e Ershad) for “inappropriately wearing the veil.” Taken to a detention center for…

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Critique of Communization and Feminism

Two books by Aníbal / Inter-rev (Spanish) The magician’s hat. Repertoire of tricks and circus of communization Introduction “If, however, the fear of being wrong instils distrust of science, which gives itself over to its task without such qualms and…

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