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Brazil: 100 days of Lula’s government in the service of capitalism

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, known as Lula, has just celebrated his first 100 days as President of Brazil with a trip to China accompanied by a hundred capitalists: in renewing his ties with that country he went above all…

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Iran more than ever in the crosshairs of US imperialism

On the sidelines, but not too much, of the barbarity of the Ukraine war, a war between Russia and NATO-US fought on the skin of Ukrainians, the US “attentions” have been repurposed toward the Ayatollahs’ battered imperialism. The official cause,…

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Wildcat: Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan and the new Intel factory in Magdeburg

The following article appeared originally in German on the website of the review Wildcat (Pelosis Trip nach Taiwan und die neue Intel-Fabrik in Magdeburg). Despite its ecological angle, the article gives many facts that are useful for understanding the present…

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Tight ranks against social imperialism – in future memory

Historical accelerations constitute, for political formations and subjects that refer to Marxism and revolutionary class struggle, a test of their real nature, of their effective assimilation of the pivotal concepts, and of the main planks of the strategy founded on…

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We refer here to an answer of C.Mcl. on the site of A Free Retriever’s Digest: 4 thoughts on “Has Capitalism entered its Decadence since 1914? Given this answer F.C. makes the following remark about the way Pannekoek is interpreted,…

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How local wars finally lead to WW3, and how to stop it

The Azerbaijan-Armenia war, the momentarily halted conflict in Lybia, the continued tensions in the Middle East and in the Chinese Sea – to mention the most important – ask for an analysis on the basis of the balance of forces…

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