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On the economics of the “Corona Pandemic”

What happens when a real economic crisis meets a fictitious economic crisis? Hermann Lueer GREAT DEPRESSION 2.0 ARGUMENTS AGAINST CAPITALISM 157 pages Real economic crises, in which a natural catastrophe destroys a large part of the means of production and…

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What support for striking workers?

STS and the Bath Iron Works’ strike At this site, I have commented on several initiatives at Facebook that call themselves council communist. 1 Looking back at the experiences of these efforts to publish, to discuss, or to be active…

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The Destruction of Nature (1909 by Anton Pannekoek)

In other languages: French, German, Dutch There are numerous complaints in the scientific literature about the increasing destruction of forests. But it is not only the joy that every nature-lover feels for forests that should be taken into account. There…

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