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Netherlands: About the riots against the curfew and its backgrounds

On the weekend of January 24 and 25, riots – “the worst in 40 years” – broke out in at least 10 places in the Netherlands against the imposition of a curfew, from 9 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. The most…

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The Arabs’ uprising in Palestine (1935)

“Only when the Jewish worker, together with the Fellahs [Arab small peasants and farm workers] who have become proletarians, stands up to fight against Effendis [Arab large landowner] and Jewish capitalists and victoriously smashes the present mode of production will…

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A council communist class analysis of Palestine/Israël (1935)

The proletariat“cannot side either with the Arabs or with the Jews; it can take up neither for the division of the soil nor for its control thru the feudal masters or jewish societies. It can only be completely internationalistic and…

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