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Call to Arab and Jewish workers in Palestine and Israel

For an enhanced version of the English translation , accorded by the author, see A free retriever’s digest. Amsterdam, May 25, 2021 With hope and expectation, workers around the world have received the news on the joint demonstrations on bridges and traffic…

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The Arabs’ uprising in Palestine (1935)

“Only when the Jewish worker, together with the Fellahs [Arab small peasants and farm workers] who have become proletarians, stands up to fight against Effendis [Arab large landowner] and Jewish capitalists and victoriously smashes the present mode of production will…

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A council communist class analysis of Palestine/Israël (1935)

The proletariat“cannot side either with the Arabs or with the Jews; it can take up neither for the division of the soil nor for its control thru the feudal masters or jewish societies. It can only be completely internationalistic and…

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“Defund the police” or what?

Defund the police has been the most important slogan in the last week. The mayors of Los Angeles and San Francisco have announced to cut the Police Department’s budget. In Minneapolis, a majority of the City Council pledged to dismantle its Police…

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