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Category: Economy, crisis

Tasks and Characteristics of the New Party

First English translation from Dutch of an important text by Communistenbond ‘Spartacus’ (1945) The structural change of capitalism requires an analysis of the role and nature of the party 1. Today’s critique of the old parties is not just a critique…

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On the economics of the “Corona Pandemic”

What happens when a real economic crisis meets a fictitious economic crisis? Hermann Lueer GREAT DEPRESSION 2.0 ARGUMENTS AGAINST CAPITALISM 157 pages Real economic crises, in which a natural catastrophe destroys a large part of the means of production and…

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What we learn from the coronavirus pandemic

To Dutch language translation LESSON ONE The first lesson is that the capitalist system is incapable of leading us through the crisis today and those to come. It is not just that most of our government leaders are craven bastards,…

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VS: intensivering van de klassestrijd in de Covid-19 crisis

To English original Terwijl verpleegkundigen en hulpverleners blijven sterven door een gebrek aan persoonlijke beschermingsmiddelen, en [lijden onder] chronisch personeelstekort, stuurt de heersende klasse arbeiders weer aan het werk, ook al betekent dit hun dood. Dit is een ongekende aanval…

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