Ukraine war: What next?

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The ICT’s call and the joint statement, have some significant weaknesses. Because the ICT makes the content of its call the admission criterion, it cannot be expected that this organization, or No War But The Class War, can play a positive role in a discussion in which these points can be clarified. The joint statement only presents itself as the views of the Left. No call for action, no call for discussion. Any reference to other groups invoking the Communist Left is missing. That does not prevent groups and individuals with publications that invoke the Communist Left, particularly those of Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, from continuing to have a need to:

1. Discussion of the background of the war in Ukraine and the perspectives of the proletariat.

2. Joint actions based on points of agreement.

Thus, the stake of the discussion mentioned under 1. is not the development of a program-light, nor of a full program of an International or Party. Its emergence, probably that of several minority political organizations, is entirely dependent on a revival of the world proletariat that at least approaches the beginnings of world revolution in the period 1917-1923, especially as a substantial militant and conscious minority of the class breaks away from the bourgeois organizations and their reformist ideology.

We address this call to groups and individuals (see list in Appendix) who have shown in their publications to take a proletarian internationalist position based on the positions of the Communist Left, especially those of Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. We ask:

1. To indicate in their own publications with argumentation on which points they agree and on which points they disagree with the proletarian internationalist position taken in other publications.

2. In doing so, they will give the address of the relevant text(s) with hyperlinks, or they will copy the text in their own publication.

3. Submit recent articles of their own against the war in Ukraine to the provisional address indicating author, title, date, hyperlink.

4. The adoption in their own publication of the list in the Appendix

A reference to the incoming recent articles against the war in Ukraine will be included in Left wing communism and in Forum Inter-rev. Reproduction of these references, and of the articles themselves, possibly in translation, is recommended.

10-4-2022, Anibal, Materia, Fredo Corvo


List of publications based on the positions of the Communist Left that have taken proletarian internationalist positions against the war in Ukraine

This list is not exhaustive. In order to avoid confusing discussions, leading to nothing, publications that we consider anarcho-communist, anti-party council communists in the tradition of Rühle, situationist, communization, and Marxist-humanist are not included.

Incoming recent articles against the war in Ukraine, see Received.

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