Anibal: Critique of Communia-Emancipation on the political-military developments in Gaza

Communia-Emancipation has published:

Towards a new war in Gaza? (12 May 2021)

In the part entitled:

Why and for what purpose an armed escalation is threatening a new war in Gaza

They argue the following:

“By pushing the situation towards a war in Gaza, Hamas and the PNA cover up and rechannel Palestinian frustration into the, for them, safe terrain of nationalism and low-intensity warfare.”

[And in the part entitled:

“The bloody farce of the people and the nation”:] 

… “Whenever discontent with the Palestinian or Israeli ruling classes threatens to spark some class expression, the petty bourgeoisie attempts its own move. If it succeeds, it can get no further than to revitalize the national divide that is the basis of big business for both bourgeoisies. When it succeeds in doing so, it not only pushes a new generation of workers to the slaughterhouse, it also opens the door for other imperialist capitals, neighboring or distant, to come in, arm and aggravate the slaughter serving their own interests.”

Let’s look at some facts that do not fit Communia-Emancipation’s narrative

[On the brink of war?]

The PNA has been trying for some time to find a negotiated exit, with Egypt and Jordan sponsoring.

We read:

“Jerusalem, Dec 1, 2020 (EFE).-.

The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) agreed with Jordan and Egypt to form a joint committee to revive the peace process outside the US initiative, following the recent visit of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to these two Arab countries.

“The committee will support the Palestinian initiative to hold an international peace conference next year with the intention of mobilizing global support to return to traditional terms and restore the two-state solution,” said Fatah nationalist party deputy chairman Mahmoud Aloul.

Abbas made his first foreign trip to Jordan and Egypt on Sunday, in an attempt to reposition their relations in the framework of the recent normalization agreements between Israel and other Arab countries (United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan).”


The PNA’s interest is not to “push the situation towards a new war in Gaza”, as Communia-Emancipation claims.

On previous occasions every attempt by the PNA to move the situation in its favor resulted in international isolation, divisions, and advances by Hamas and Islamic Jihad.  This is disregarded by Conmunia-Emancipation, which although it strives to follow the complicated evolution of events, of the actions and alliances of every bourgeois force in the area and internationally…as it fits it into a simplistic and decadent doctrinaire scheme…is thus conditioned to repeatedly blunder and loss of focus.  That is why it now considers that a generalization of the war can be opened… as it has said in the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict, in Libya… etc. And we will see that this is not the case.

[Pressure from the proletariat?]

It also considers that the military confrontations respond to an attempt of the bourgeois forces to flee from the pressure of the proletarian class dissatisfied and tired of capitalist domination and capitalist procedures. Unfortunately the situation is not such, but nationalism on both sides conditions any possible dissent on the part of the proletariat.  In Israel the pro-peace protests are rooted in the malaise of the indignant petty bourgeoisie, and are strongly responded to by the State, in coalition with the parties of Jewish nationalist extremism. In Gaza the Islamist iron hand does not allow any dissent to emerge and in the West Bank of the PNA the dissent is due to disagreements in Fatah, the traditional capitalist front-party, whose leadership fears being overtaken by jihadist Islamism and the elements more inclined within it to collaborate with it.  The realism of which Abu Mazen speaks, involves establishing the policy of two States, which in practice are three…

The inter-imperialist frictions and confrontations in the area are currently marked by the Abraham Accords (between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan) and by the policy of Iran and Qatar (Hamas and Islamic Jihad), with Egypt as an essential mediator, in contact with the PNA and the Hamas leadership. None of these actions responds to an imperious necessity of such proletarian forces in the face of an ascending pressure of the proletarian class, but to the inherent logic of imperialist capitalism, with marked concurrence between its zonal and international forces.

We read:


Egypt, mediator between Israel and Hamas, is the only country with the possibility of achieving results, since it has a direct dialogue with this Palestinian group, considered terrorist by the United States, the EU and a large part of the international community.

In fact Egypt – which negotiates together with the UN and Qatar – has always been the key piece in lowering the tension between Israel and Hamas, not only in the previous wars of 2008, 2012 and 2014, but also in the frequent peaks of violence, the latest in 2019.

Another Egyptian delegation went to the Gaza Strip to discuss the terms of a truce with Hamas representatives, although no details of the talks transpired.

These Egyptian-led contacts come as the U.S. State Department’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Palestinian and Israeli Affairs Hady Amr is expected to arrive in Israel to try to douse the crossfire between the parties, but no dates have yet been specified.

However, these mediation efforts by Egypt and the US are surrounded by skepticism in the face of the unwillingness of the parties to achieve détente and threats of renewed attacks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself confirmed to his security cabinet on Wednesday that he had rejected a Russian ceasefire proposal and approved intensifying attacks on Palestinian militias.”


The key to the military route now lies with Hamas, whether or not it decides to continue the escalation and how it doses it.  Israel does not mean an entry into Gaza by land, and thus risks less.   It has hit Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants and infrastructure hard, using missiles and aircraft on the front line. He has the money and international support to keep the pulse going and Netanhayu is doing well, too.  But he does not have before him a front of Arab bourgeoisies willing to crush Israel manu militari nor a general direct war decision of the Iranian-Hezbollah sponsored Islamist resistance front.  Hamas will slow down and devote itself to making the events profitable at the ballot box, honoring its deads as figures to imitate, reconditioning tunnels and warehouses… and manufacturing-assembling more rocketry, improving its propulsion and guidance systems.  Over time.

Anibal, 18-5-2021

Source: Crítica a Communia-Emancipación sobre los acontecimientos político militares en Gaza.

Translation and some explanations between square brackets: F.C.

See also Anibal’s comment to Four positions on the Israeli – Palestinian conflict.

5 Comments on “Anibal: Critique of Communia-Emancipation on the political-military developments in Gaza

  1. And the prediction has been fulfilled again…
    3 days ago I criticised Communia-Emancipation’s analysis and, again, its methodological basis, outlining an immediate perspective that has come true…and not by chance.This is not a crystal ball story that magically allows predictions to be made, nor is it a matter of chance.

    I said “in time” at the end of the article, and it can be verified that both sides have agreed to a truce, lowering the rate of Hamas rocket fire and ending for now the military mission of the State of Israel, and all this amidst strong pressure (from the US to Egypt, France, etc.) and negotiations in private …. as can be read in the media.
    The same happened in Libya, and I made the corresponding criticism to Communia -Emancipation, and in the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia….. The list of criticisms of this Koranic sect is extensive on my part.

    The understanding of what is happening is inscribed in the study and knowledge of what has happened and of the main determining elements, all framed in adjusted and adequate positions on the historical course, the general state of historical evolution of capitalism, and on the relation between war, inter-capitalist conflicts and proletarian class struggle.

    Communia-Emancipation has NEVER issued a clarification or counter-criticism.


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