Four positions on the Israeli – Palestinian conflict

In two short complete texts and two selections from larger texts

Partito Comunista Internazionale (Florence), undated

Israel-Palestine – War on Behalf of Bourgeois States
National Oppression
Only One Class and Revolutionary Solution

“Groups from both ethnic communities carried out raids of the neighborhoods inhabited by the other, set fire to religious buildings, looted businesses, and even beat up individuals. These are the expected fruits of the nationalist policy pursued both by the government of Israeli capital and by the neighboring states, and also by all the imperialist powers. This is the crescendo of all their incessant provocations.

Hamas, the bourgeois party that dresses up in religious extremism, has dominated the Gaza Strip for 15 years and, for its part, controls the political movement of the dispossessed Palestinians in order to orient them towards nationalism and to gain influence in the West Bank against its rival Fatah.

The launching of thousands of rockets against Israeli cities from Gaza, which has been subjected to an Israeli siege for many years, have caused deaths and injuries among the Jewish civilian population and killed two Bedouin Arabs in the Negev desert. Israeli reacted predictably, starting the raids on against Gaza which caused so many casualties among the civilian population, this time Palestinian. In the meantime, Israeli troops claimed many victims among those in the West Bank who demonstrated against the worsening of the occupation regime, while in Jerusalem there were also protests by the Palestinian community, intolerant of the apartheid regime imposed by the State of Israel and rebelling against the hateful national and class oppression to which it is subjected.

But the war between the State of Israel and Hamas, while “asymmetrical”, is a war between bourgeois states, fighting as proxies of larger states and imperialist world powers.

The rockets fired on Israeli cities are also part of this war. How did Hamas obtain these weapons, since everything that enters the Gaza Strip is subject to the strict control of the Israeli authorities?

Palestinian proletarians would be wrong to trust an “anti-colonial” national war of liberation. They could never win because the large world powers would prevent it, but also because the Palestinian bourgeoisie will never be willing to dissolve its coupling with the Israeli one. That impossible national war has already failed decades ago, with betrayal by all the other Arab bourgeoisies, who are inextricably tied to imperialism.

This is not an anti-colonial struggle. Israel is not the continuator of the colonial domination that manifested itself in Palestine at the time of the British mandate. Israel is a country in the imperialist chain where capital and world finance dominate.

Today capitalist domination inside the State of Israel, as well as the occupied territories, is based on effective collaboration between the Israeli bourgeoisie and its Palestinian younger sister. The Palestinian side is weaker, and therefore more servile towards the former, but no less greedy, cynical and ruthless. These united bourgeoisies support each other and, through the bourgeois war, like the two jaws of a vice, tighten their grip on the proletarian class, both Jewish and Arab. (…)

To the Jewish proletarians we give the mandate [sic; leftdis] to sabotage the infamous national oppression that the bourgeoisie of Israel imposes on the Palestinians. To the Palestinian proletarians, to break with the nationalist leadership that drags them to the slaughterhouse of bourgeois armed conflict and then consigns the survivors to the market of wage slavery, a labor force to be sold out.

Our call to the Palestinian and Israeli proletarians is for class unity, for the overthrow of every national bourgeoisie and the establishment of a dictatorship of the proletariat. The perspective must be of proletarian revolution throughout the entire region and the world, overcoming all national boundaries for a future humanity liberated from capitalism and its infamous national homelands.

Only the proletariat can break the infernal chain of wars, as well as the no less infamous bourgeois ‘peace’.”


Partito Comunista Internazionale (Il Programma Comunista), 15-5-2021

The endless slaughter of Palestinian proletarians demonstrates what imperialism is capable of and what it has in store

Yet again.  As if moving to the rhythm of an infernal dance, once again the massacre recurs again of our class brothers in Palestine, who for over sixty years now have suffered the rule of the imperialist Israeli bourgeoisie and are further betrayed by the connivance of national fractions of the Arab bourgeoisie and the manipulation of the religious, lay and fake-socialist nationalism of “their” ruling class.

The Utopian ideal of “two peoples, two states”, when the economic structure and dynamics of capital prevent any development independent of the “Israeli” one, proves to be the realisation of the very real Dystopia of a “Palestinian National Authority” that has assumed for itself the role of controlling, managing, organising and selling the labour of hundreds of thousands of Arab-speaking proletarians.

A cynical sort of control which, for the sake of preventing even the slightest hope of even the slightest class independence, does not hesitate to sacrifice thousands of lives on the altar of an impossible and anachronistic “Palestinian fatherland”.

The atrocious fate of the Palestinian proletariat and the whole disaster of the Middle East points to a revelation of what is in store for the entire world proletariat from the capitalist bourgeoisie organised in its national states, each more imperialist than the next: a humanity to be exploited in the machinery of wage labour, to be squeezed to the bone as consumers of increasingly useless and damaging goods, to be stultified by a superstitious culture and a lifestyle that sums up centuries of social oppression, to kill in the name of a fatherland, a religion, a race, an undetermined people… whilst relentlessly the monopoly of production forces concentrates the ownership of social wealth in the hands of a “democratic” oligarchy, supported by a multitude of technicians, intellectuals, priests, scientists, all patriots happy to prosper on the little their masters hand out to them…   

Proletarians of Palestine, proletarians of the Middle East, the drowning proletarians in every “people”!  Not one drop of our blood must be shed any longer in the cause of the mythical inter-class unity of national states: against the wars that pit us one against the other to kill and destroy capitals, goods and human beings, we must retort by taking up once again our battle against all bourgeoisies, the battle against all their institutions, the battle against the capitalist mode of production.

Everywhere hotbeds of war are on the increase with the inevitable slaughter of whole populations: this, too, is how the coming world bloodbath is being prepared.  It is becoming more and more urgent to refuse patriotic and nationalist blackmail in all its forms, both material and ideological.  The concept and practice of revolutionary defeatism must be reintroduced into our class: the refusal of any alliance with one’s own bourgeoisie, with one’s own State (the tool of rule of national capital), with one or the other line-up of international brigands, always all united in exploiting and attacking the proletariat.

The enemy is not on the other side of the border:  the enemy is in our own home!

(Complete article, source:

International Communist Party (Le prolétaire), 14-5-2021

Class solidarity with the proletarians and the oppressed Palestinian masses!

For several days the media has been talking about the “escalation of violence” between Israel and the Palestinians, putting the oppressed and the oppressors on the same level. In the last few hours, the Israeli army has announced and then denied having invaded the Gaza Strip, on which its artillery is firing and which its planes are bombing, while Hamas is firing salvos of missiles on Israeli cities. The death toll to date is over 100 (including 27 children) and hundreds of injured on the Palestinian side, and 7 dead on the Israeli side (including a Palestinian and his daughter).

Clashes took place in the Israeli towns of Lod and Jaffa between Arab youth and Jewish far-right groups, and similar scenes were reported in other towns, including Tel Aviv, where calls to demonstrate against Arabs were disseminated; meanwhile clashes between Arab protesters and police continued in Jerusalem. To the point of forcing Prime Minister Netanyahu to warn against anti-Arab pogroms, fearing that they would lead to revolt among Israeli Arabs. The Arabs, who make up a little more than 20% of the total population of Israel, and who generally hold low-paid jobs, have been the hardest hit by the economic crisis which has led to a surge in unemployment, and they constitute a social bomb.

It all started with a mobilization in support of Arab families in East Jerusalem who were threatened with eviction from their homes to make way for settlers. As the demonstrations grew and led to clashes with the police and settlers, Hamas stepped in: it fired missiles from the Gaza Strip, which it controls, where 2 million Palestinians survive miserably, locked in a veritable open-air camp under a blockade from Israel and Egypt. His objective is not only to take the lead in the mobilization, but above all, by his show of strength, to be recognized by the Hebrew state and its imperialist sponsors as the legitimate representative of the Gazans with whom to negotiate; this is why he has launched several calls for a cease-fire.

But what the Israeli leadership needs is a docile and obedient guardian, a subordinate servant, not an equal, so it has undertaken to “punish” Hamas, killing two leaders of its military wing and destroying buildings belonging to it – while taking care not to hit the Palestinian police, who is essential to maintaining order in Gaza. It is the civilians who are the main victims of this bloody gangsterism.

The Arab states have long since abandoned their platonic declarations of support for the Palestinians, while the imperialists have abandoned any attempt to curb the actions of Israel, the fundamental pillar of the Western imperialist presence in the region. The new US administration is essentially continuing Trump’s policy (recognition of the annexation of Jerusalem, unwavering support for Israel, etc.), and the Europeans are content with melancholic statements. The French government, following a practice established by former socialist Prime Minister Valls, has even banned pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Paris and other towns!

The Palestinian proletarians are alone; they cannot count on the Islamists of Hamas who dream of selling their skin, nor on what remains of the nationalists, who have already been sold out, nor on the fading mirage of internationally negotiated peace agreements. But they have tens and tens of millions of class brothers in the region and in the world who have the same enemy – capitalism. Sooner or later they will enter the struggle to destroy this bourgeois system and its murderous imperialist “order”. The international proletarian revolution will then put a definitive end to all the oppressions, all the injustices, all the massacres of capitalism.

Real solidarity here with the Palestinians as with other victims of oppression and exploitation, opposition to the crimes committed by the Hebrew state, does not consist only in denouncing support for this state which maintains its domination over millions of Palestinians through violence and terror.

It also and above all consists in working for the resumption of the anti-capitalist class struggle, in the perspective of overthrowing “our” bourgeoisie and its state – and not in trying to convince them to change their policies!

(Complete article, source:

Amos, 14-5-2021 (ICC)

Wars and pogroms: the future capitalism offers us

“This is not the first time that Hamas or other Islamic jihadists have rained rocket fire on civilian targets in Israeli cities, killing without discrimination: among the first victims were an Israeli Arab father and daughter in Lod, blown up in their car. Nor is the first time that Israeli armed forces have responded with devastating air raids and artillery fire, targeting Hamas leaders and weapons but also inflicting a civilian death toll in Gaza’s crowded buildings and streets dozens of times higher than anything “achieved” by Hamas rockets. Nor is it the first time that Israel has been on the verge of a military invasion of the Gaza strip, which cannot fail to result in further death, homelessness and trauma for Palestinian families. We saw all this before in 2009 and 2014.

But it is the first time that such a major military effort has been accompanied in a number of Israeli cities by a wave of violent clashes between Israeli Jews and Arabs. These are essentially pogroms: right wing gangs brandishing the Star of David and screaming “Death to the Arabs”, hunting for Arabs to beat up and murder; and at the same time attacks on Jews and synagogues set alight by crowds “inspired” by Islamism and Palestinian nationalism. Sinister and ironic memories of the Black Hundreds in Tsarist Russia or Kristallnacht in the Germany of 1938!

(…) while pogroms are often unleashed as instruments of state policy, in today’s conditions they can escalate beyond the aims of state agencies and accelerate a general slide into social breakdown. The fact that this is beginning to happen in a highly militarised state like Israel is a sign that the attempts of totalitarian state capitalism to hold back the process of social disintegration can end up aggravating it even more.”


History : the German/Dutch Communist Left on the foundation of the ‘Jewish state’:

3 Comments on “Four positions on the Israeli – Palestinian conflict

  1. In Spanish and English

    1) Por una parte es obvio que la solución radical ( destruir y superar el capitalismo, generando el socialismo mundial y el comunismo de la especie humana en plena abundancia material) implica la unidad y la lucha revolucionaria independiente del proletariado contra todas las burguesías y todos los Estados imperialistas, enfrentando activamente todo llamamiento y presión para seguir al carro de los interes nacionalistas de bandos burgueses tanto enfrentados como coaligados .Este proceso exige el desarrollo del internacionalismo proletario contra el capital, de la intransigencia solidaria del proletariado contra todas las fuerza$, redee$ y Estado$ enemigos.
    2) Por otra parte es también obvio que hoy no se dan estas condiciones en el movimiento proletario. Las limitadas reacciones de protesta en Israel no constituyen una manifestación de independencia proletaria, y tampoco ( que sepa ) hay movilizaciones contra las autoridades y fuerzas de la burguesía palestina, sobre todo Hamas y Fatah.
    A escala internacional predominan manifestaciones ciudadanistas y la solidaridad con la causa nacionalista palestina.
    3) La salida de dos Estados está bloqueada y no parece que existan intenciones de desbloquearla, empezando por la política exterior del gobierno de EEUU…que sigue enviando cuantiosas ayudas al Gobierno del Israel
    La UE sigue en su línea oportunista coyunturalista y quiere tranquilidad manteniendo un estatus quo zonal y político clientelar como el presente…que le cuesta una pasta en ayudas a las autoridades de Gaza y Cisjordania, además de diversas ONGs sobre el terreno.
    Por su parte Rusia, Irán, China y potencias como Turquía, Egipto, Arabia Saudí, Qatar , EAU, Marruecos, Túnez, Jordania , y en menor medida Siria, Libia e Irak….manejan ayudas diversas (financieras, politicas y militares) respecto a sus peones alidados de zona pero no forman un frente para conseguir poner en marcha un Estado palestino independiente definido por las fronteras que han sido rechazadas y mermadas sistemáticamente por el Estado de Israel dado que no convienen a los intereses de la burguesía judía , sus piuntos de apoyo y sus aliados a escala internacional.
    unicamente en un único Estado podrían ir dándose pasos y experiencias de contacto provechoso y unidad de lucha entre el proletariado judío y el palestino , con las consecuencia que ello traería tanto en lo social y económico como en lo político ( elecciones democráticas generales) y militares ( aspecto muy espinoso que demandaría el control de la ONU) Esta alternativa democrática y burguesa está hoy fuera del campo de opciones posibles, es patente que no encuentra condiciones para efectivizarse. Ni en la burguesía ni en el proletariado internacionales existen tendencias reformistas poderosas capaces de defender tal salida coyuntural y presionar en tal sentido.
    Por tanto lo que está a la orden del día desgraciadamente es la continuación de acontecimientos como las que suceden actualmente, donde es evidente la disparidad militar entre los bandos conformados y donde la superioridad está netamente del lado del ejército de Israel. Hamas lo sabe, como la Yihad y Fatah, pero sus pugnas internas hacen proclives a sus direcciones militares a lanzar pequeñas ofensivas como la actual, que reciben fuertes respuestas israelíes. En el bando capitalsita de Israel el presidente y su troupe burocrática , empresarial y religiosa manejan maquiavelicamente la situación , moviendo sus fichas represivas y militares.



    Israel/Palestine. Three considerations
    1) On the one hand it is obvious that the radical solution (to destroy and overcome capitalism, bringing about world socialism and communism of the human species in full material abundance) implies the unity and independent revolutionary struggle of the proletariat against all bourgeoisies and all imperialist states, actively confronting all appeals and pressures to follow the nationalist interests of bourgeois factions, whether in confrontation or in coalition. This process demands the development of proletarian internationalism against capital, of the solidarity intransigence of the proletariat against all enemy forces, networks and states.
    2) On the other hand, it is also obvious that these conditions are not present in the proletarian movement today. The limited protest reactions in Israel do not constitute a manifestation of proletarian independence, nor (as far as I know) are there any mobilisations against the authorities and forces of the Palestinian bourgeoisie, above all Hamas and Fatah.
    On an international scale, citizen demonstrations and solidarity with the Palestinian nationalist cause predominate.
    3) The two-state solution is blocked and there seems to be no intention of unblocking it, starting with the foreign policy of the US government… which continues to send substantial aid to the Israeli government.
    The EU continues to follow its opportunistic, short-termist line and wants to maintain a zonal and clientelistic political status quo like the present one… which costs it a fortune in aid to the authorities in Gaza and the West Bank, as well as to various NGOs on the ground.
    For their part, Russia, Iran, China and powers such as Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, and to a lesser extent Syria, Libya and Iraq , provide various forms of aid (financial, political and military) to their allied pawns in the area, but do not form a front to establish an independent Palestinian state defined by borders that have been systematically rejected and eroded by the state of Israel because they do not suit the interests of the Jewish bourgeoisie, its support groups and its allies on an international scale.
    Only in a single state could steps and experiences of fruitful contact and unity of struggle between the Jewish and Palestinian proletariat be made, with the consequences that this would bring both socially and economically as well as politically (general democratic elections) and militarily (a very thorny aspect which would require UN control). Neither in the bourgeoisie nor in the international proletariat are there powerful reformist tendencies capable of defending such a conjunctural solution and pressing for it.
    Therefore, what is on the order of the day unfortunately is the continuation of events like the ones that are happening at the moment, where the military disparity between the formed sides is obvious and where the superiority is clearly on the side of the Israeli army. Hamas knows this, as do Jihad and Fatah, but their internal squabbles make their military leaderships prone to launch small offensives like the current one, which are met with strong Israeli responses. On Israel’s capitalist side, the president and his bureaucratic, business and religious troupe are Machiavellianly managing the situation, moving their repressive and military pieces.


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