Trotskyist “council communism”? A warning

After the publication of my critical article Council communists of the world, organize (the workers, or yourselves?), I have been confirmed in the suspicion that one or more left-wing bourgeois groups are hiding behind council communism on Facebook to engage people interested for their own political goals. This concerns the Facebook Working Group for Council Communist Initiatives (also active in the groups Council Communism and Council Communism 101), which presents its proposals to support striking workers in the group/site International Active Strike Support Group (STS).

As soon as the first strike to be supported was chosen, one participant asked about the criteria used. The choice seems to be the work of a person, a moderator of the group. That gave me the idea to search the Internet for left-wing bourgeois groups that had paid attention to this strike. That turned out to be just the WSWS.ORG, from the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI) with several articles about this strike. When I drew attention to this, the moderator reported “I know these people. We probably can work with them.” Subsequently, other collaborators turned up who also maintained links via Facebook with Trotskyist groups, with trade unions or who hold positions in left-wing bourgeois parties.

I don’t know about the differences between the numerous Trotskyist sects, but I do know that they:

  • approve the dictatorship over the proletariat by the Bolshevik party in Russia;
  • defend state capitalism as a step towards socialism;
  • propagate historically outdated tactics (trade unionism, parliamentarism, formation of fronts with parts of the bourgeoisie, national liberation) and use these tactics to replace the bourgeois, bureaucratic leadership of so-called workers’ organizations with the ‘revolutionary’ leadership of Trotskyists;
  • participated in the Second World War to defend the ‘bureaucratized workers state’;
  • depending on the alliances of the Soviet Union with Hitler, or with the Allied Forces, tried to subordinate the workers’ struggles of various countries to this war, including attempts to break strikes, a practice they continue to follow to this day, based on their choice of one of the camps in every war.

For me, there are enough indications that the Facebook groups ‘supporting’ strikes are the object of the kind of manipulations in which Trotskyists are specialized (see: Spartacus and Trotskyism, 1946).

So far, there has been no reaction from other members of these Facebook groups to the indications that the choice to ‘support’ the chosen strike was inspired by Trotskyism.
This is remarkable, especially for a member who in his political development was active in similar Trotskyist ‘support’ work and must, therefore, recognize it.
Nor is there any reaction from an anarchist who claims to be unable to cooperate with ‘Leninists’, including ‘Bordigists’ despite they maintained proletarian internationalism in the Second World War and refused to defend the Soviet Union. He now risks collaborating with Trotskyists.

The secret nature of the kind of conspiracies in which Trotskyists are in their element makes it difficult to be certain of who plays what role. In this case, however, when I look at the actual activities and the class interest they serve, there are clues enough for me to stop participating in the Facebook posts in these groups that pretend to be discussions.

Fredo Corvo, 4-7-2020

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